1.  Bad attitude
2.  Heart shaped box
3.  Morning sun
4.  Teenage kicks
5.  Grand junction
6.  Medley
7.  Drunken truck driver
8.  Cant get enough of your love
9.  Mr Pendulum
10. Alright now
11. You sexy thing
12. Restless

Second Gear

Recorded in June 1999 entirely live, this album is a brilliant mixture of Gears own material and the "standards" they perform at live gigs. It sounds so like a studio recording its hard to believe it isn't one. All of the tracks were recorded in one take with absolutely no overdubs whatsoever!

Check out the "Audio" page on this website to download and listen to some MP3 tracks now.

The CD is for sale at just 3.50 inclusive.

 Email secondgear@deepbass.demon.co.uk to buy one