Dog : Lead guitar & vocals

Walmsley, Mark (aka "Dog")

Often seen 'twixt axe and amp, usually in a din. Nocturnal. Recorded sightings with similar creatures are extremely rare but awesome when witnessed at first hand.

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The Magic Roundabout

Amazingly, Dogs nasal hair never seems to affect his guitar playing.

Woody : Drums

Woods, Mike (aka "Woody")

Quick and wild, this creature is known to travel great distances regularly to be amongst its kin. Its antics are great for headaches and it responds well to being thrown the odd tit-bit. Beware - it is rumored to be telepathic and can definitely take on many forms.

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The Oceandrive website

Woody reflects upon life during the recent Gear tour of San Francisco.

Carl : Bass guitar

Whalley, Carl (aka "Bassman")

A magnificent spectacle. Lurks behind cabs thundering out a deep rumble which occasionally matches up its fellow creatures racket. Its bark is always much worse than its bite. Feed it often and it will cause very little trouble.

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The Land of Deepbass

Carl gives it "yeaaaarrggghh" during the recent Gear tour of China.

Gear are: Carl Whalley, Mike Woods & Mark Walmsley